Tuesday, October 13, 2020

 Specialized seating for Caregivers and family members

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Saturday, March 16, 2019

Medical Foster Home Cost

Compare Living Costs for Veterans

Assited Living $4000.00 per month
Skilled Nursing $6000.00 per month
Veterans Home $5000.00 per month

Medical Foster Home less than $3000.00 per month

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Home Securty Alarms and Cameras

Home Securty Alarms and Cameras

You can get 24 hour protection typically for $15/mo - $50/mo. No long contracts is great but typically contracts are annual. All offer 24/7 Monitoring. with standard Features: Disaster Ready, Power Outage Protection, Confirmed Alerts, Deep Encryption, Built-In Cellular Connection, indoor/outdoor cameras including night vision.  Most homeowners want to protect home from burglars coming in.  We do too.  But the primary reason to get home securtiy for caregivers of disabled veterans is to watch Veterans in and around the home when your in the bathroom or not right with them  Cameras will catch vets roaming and most important cameras and alarms help to prevent falls.

Stairlifts are needed for disbled veterans

Safety and security are needed to care for disabled veterans especially when you have to go down the basement during a storm.  When sirons go off in your neighborhood the VA requires you to get vets down the basement The vast majority of stairway falls result from a loss of balance, just as falls are on the level.  A very common contributing factor is neglecting to use handrails.

Because stairway accidents can cause severe injury and even death, building codes for stairs and ramps are justifiably very rigorous. Good design can substantially reduce the potential for mis-stepping by providing us with the means to retrieve our balance, but even the best design cannot eliminate falling hazards entirely. The need for proper design also applies to ramps. The fact is that some incidents can be caused by inattention, unsafe behaviour, and inappropriate footwear.The best approach to minimize the hazard of falling down stairs is to purchase a stair lift.
Elderly Vet can easily fall down stairs

Generac standby Generator is a must for disabled veterans

Generac standby Generator for peace of mind

Home Standby generators operate automatically during a power outage to supply homes with emergency backup electrical power. When a power outage occurs, a standby generator detects the outage immediately and begins to supply electrical power within seconds.  This is the first product I would install in a home for disabled veterans.  The winter you loose heat in a power outage.  The summer you loose A/C and you end up spending the day(s) at Walmart until utility company brings power back up.

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